All currently available api endopints are listed below.


Provides access to client entities

POST api/v1/clients

Creates new client record on LMS system.

PUT api/v1/clients/{id}

Updates client record on LMS system. Only clients created by the api caller can be updated.


GET api/v1/courses?courseType={courseType}

Gets list of all courses available to training provider meeting the search criteria. By default, courses for sale are returned when courseType parameter is not used.

GET api/v1/courses/{id}

Get specified course record


Provides access to learner enrolments

POST api/v1/learnerenrolments

Creates new learner enrolment record on LMS system.

PUT api/v1/learnerenrolments/{id}

Updates learner enrolment record on LMS system. Only learners created by the api caller can be updated.


This api enables SSO scenario where users are logged in through third party website and need to seamlessly login to their Upskill LMS dashboard.

GET api/v1/logintokens/{id}

This service can be used to obtain login token for seamless login process where authentication authority is third party website. The token can be obtained only for users, that were created by requesting organisation with SSO enabled.


GET api/v1/completions?courseId={courseId}&email={email}&userId={userId}&dateFrom={dateFrom}&dateTo={dateTo}

Gets all course completions for a given client. Results can be filtered by course_id, email and date range.