Manage all aspects of your eLearning portal and courses

UpSkill LMS has been designed to help you effectively manage your training, courses, clients and learners with hints, tips and tools to make the whole process as simple as possible.

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Increase training reach.


Reduce delivery costs.


Keep on track of training.

Create, run and manage

With comprehensive management and reporting tools you can control all aspects of your training courses from content and Learner records to client data and sales information. It’s all here and available 24 hours a day.

Empower your admins

UpSkill LMS program enables you to appoint as many administrators as you like, for free. Not only that but it also gives you the flexibility to tailor those roles right down to a specific function on a single course, such as managing learners. That’s more hands on deck and less time wasted.

Invite unlimited learners

Once you’ve created your course and purchased credits, you can send or schedule invitations to your learners. Simply upload individuals or multiple learners into the database, using the list feature to create virtual classes if needed. They will receive their own personalised invitations and be asked to participate then or at a later time. And remember, you won’t pay anything until they commence the course.

Positive learner experience

Learners will have 24 -7 access to their own personal dashboard where they can access and manage their courses and account details, enabling them to complete their training at their own pace and at a convenient time and location. System reminders ensure learners commence their course and are aware of how long they have to complete it.

Track and report

UpSkill LMS provides your organisation with a comprehensive set of management tools giving you the option to track individual Learner progress, sales activity, extend training licences, resend invitations, run summary and course reports as well as monitor client’s usage and Learner evaluations. Automated notifications and reminders ensure you know when your course credits or training licences are due to expire.

Aggregate your training, integrate your systems and take control today!

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