Pay as little as $2 or less per learner, per course.

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No Contracts No Subscriptions

That includes No licence fees, No monthly access fees, No setup fees,
No course creation fees and No hosting fees.

Purchase course credits to get you on your way

What’s a course credit? It’s simple really.

  • Course credits are what you use to pay for learners to undertake your training courses.
  • To train an employee or stakeholder in an Internal/Not-For-Sale training course you will require 1 course credit to train 1 person. Note: an additional 1 course credit is required for SCORM courses to cover 3rd party costs.
  • To Sell a course and access the sales and CRM modules you will require 3 course credits per training licence sold - 1 training licence will train one learner. Note: an additional 1 course credit is required for SCORM courses to cover 3rd party costs.
  • You can purchase Course Credits in advance and in volume to cut training costs even further.


- - $175 AUD $3.5 / credit
Save 7% You save $125 $1,625 AUD $3.25 / credit
Save 14% You save $500 $3,000 AUD $3 / credit
Save 21% You save $1,875 $6,875 AUD $2.75 / credit
Save 29% You save $5,000 $12,500 AUD $2.5 / credit
10,000 CREDITS
Save 43% You save $15,000 $20,000 AUD $2 / credit
Require larger volumes? For larger or ongoing training requirements we also offer larger credit packages as well as Enterprise Solutions. 

For more information please contact our sales team.

Data storage cost

The only fixed cost that Upskill charges you is for the storage of the data relating to your course resources such as image and video files, unfortunately this is required to cover our costs and to be able to offer theUpskill platform as a Pay-As- You-Go, No Contract and No Subscription service.


Customisation services

Upskill provides a comprehensive range of additional customisation services that guarantee that Upskill will satisfy all of your business and training needs.

Services include training course design, content design and development, system/application integration, workflow process design and development, feature/function development, as well as website design and development.

Please note customisation services are paid services and a quotation will be provided against an agreed scope of work prior to commencement.

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Pay as you go

Unlike other eLearning systems UpSkill LMS has no monthly access fees, no upfront costs, free hosting and the ability to build as many courses as you like for free. That’s because UpSkill LMS is a transaction-based system meaning the only cost your business will incur is when a learner commences one of your training courses.

Selling a course?
Set your price

Upskill gives your business the freedom and flexibility to set your own course pricing, currency and tax rates for no extra cost. To process each sale you simply need the required number of course credits in your account, and all sales revenue goes directly into your designated account.

With no hidden fees or strings attached start cutting your training costs today!

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