Monetize your IP

Unleash your intellectual property through exciting new, high-margin training products for your customers and clients.

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Only pay when you sell.


Reduce costs and
increase revenues.


Keep on track of training.

Smarter Sales

UpSkill LMS gives you the option to set your own price, currency and tax rates and customise your own terms and licence agreements. Sell your courses direct to your clients, as well as through the UpSkill LMS Marketplace and set up course distributors to increase your reach further.

Increase Profits

With Upskill you only pay when you are selling – that’s right, pay nothing unless someone buys your training course. Remove the shackles of fixed and variable overheads and have one transparent cost per sale. The great thing about UpSkill LMS is if someone doesn’t buy your course, your costs are zero - you don’t pay a thing.

Fast quotes

Take advantage of the simple online quoting to receive real time enquiries, offer volume discounts and send automated quotations to your clients.

Simple invoicing

Take advantage of our customisable invoice builder to automate invoicing through Upskill LMS or manage your invoicing offline through your existing finance system.

Paypal payments

Upskill LMS has integrated Paypal to enable you to offer and process credit card payments as well as direct transfers. Simply enter or create your Paypal account email and follow the authorisation steps to activate.

Client Relationship Management

Upskill LMS automates your clients account creation and saves all training quotations and sales orders in one place, as well as tracking all communications and enabling you to add notes and set reminders to follow up.

Data at your fingertips

Run sales and pipeline reports at will, filter by client, course and dates to extract meaningful data and utilise the export features for further analysis.

Increase your client value

Your clients will have full access to UpSkill LMS features to add, manage and invite their own learners. They can also create their own branded training website, build additional courses, personalise course correspondence with learners and run course and learner usage and completion reports.

Pay less, sell more – start boosting your bottom line today!

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